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Internet in a box is a project that allows people, especially schools in remote areas, to access a large amount of useful knowledge with just a small box (without an active Internet connection). There are a few different projects that are working on this concept such as Rachel Offline and Internet-in-a-Box. I will be talking about the latter of the two. Link

Internet-in-a-Box exists because it is difficult and expensive to build infrastructure for “developing countries”. This can be used as a temporary solution to give schools in rural locations access to vast amounts of educational resources, without having to allocate most or all of their budget towards Internet access.

This project can be run on systems as small as a Raspberry Pi or a low-powered desktop computer. The full version of Internet-in-a-Box is about 1 TB and contains about 40,000 books, a copy of Wikipedia, lots of Khan Academy videos, and a world map with street names. The Raspberry Pi version does not have as many resources due to the lack of storage.

The Internet-in-a-Box project has already been successfully deployed in schools around the world in places such as Pakistan and Haiti.



Internet-in-a-Box Home

Internet-in-a-Box GitHub

Rachel Offline

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