Game From Anywhere for Free! (With Internet Access)

LiquidSky is yet another company that lets users connect to powerful computers from anywhere with a subscription based plan.

The advantage of this  type of service is that you will always have access to the latest hardware, but without having to constantly buy upgrades for your system. You can also connect to the powerful remote computer from anywhere with a fast internet connection, rather than only when you have access to your physical computer.

In order to use LiquidSky, you must have an Internet connection that is at least 5 megabits/second. As of now, LiquidSky’s website does not provide the specs of their computers, but they have a 1 gigabit connection for lightning fast Internet.

LiquidSky is unique from other similar services because they offer a free tier. This will introduce PC gaming to a whole new market. To use the free version, you have to pay with your time. Six minutes of advertisements is equivalent to about one hour of gaming.



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