Kali Linux – Penetration and Digital Forensics Linux Distribution

Kali is a free piece of software in the form of a Linux distribution. It was created for enthusiasts and professionals to perform penetration testing, ethical hacking and for testing network security.

Kali Linux comes with over 300 built-in tools including the following:

  • AirCrack – Tool to hack Wi-Fi.
  • Burp Suite – Used for finding vulnerabilities in web apps.
  • John the Ripper – A notably fast tool for hacking passwords on Unix systems (i.e. Linux and Mac OS).
  • Maltego – This piece of software generates a visual relationship between people and files or online accounts.
  • Nmap – This tool can display computers on a network and check for open ports.
  • SQLmap – A tool that can check for security flaws in databases.

[Full list of tools included in Kali Linux]

Kali Linux can be booted as a Live USB or installed to a wide range of systems such as a typical desktop computer, a Raspberry Pi or Chromebook.


Installation Requirements:

  • 20 GB disk space
  • 1 GB of RAM minimum, 2 GB recommended
  • DVD / USB boot support


More Resources:

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